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Case Study-Sorich Organics

Ashik Rahman
February 1, 2024
Sorich Organic - Your partner in health: Indulge in the finest, pure organic products that cater to your well-being.
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In a world that's increasingly leaning towards healthier lifestyles, Organic store emerges as a beacon of authenticity, offering a range of organic products that not only satiate the taste buds but also nurture the body and soul. This brand, deeply rooted in the principles of sustainability and wellness, takes pride in its commitment to providing customers with a diverse range of organic delights, including protein bars, seeds, and more. ATS ranges from Rs100-Rs 1000.


After growing the organic traffic by SEO efforts, conversions were stabilized. In order to boost the revenues the team found themselves investing a significant amount of time into manually merchandising product recommendations and as a result, were lacking the time and resources to track recommendation performance, conduct A/B testing and optimize product recommendation placement across the site.Tailored product suggestions helps users make quicker decisions, reducing the overwhelming feeling of having too many options and, consequently, lowering decision fatigue.


Organic brand strategy is the emphasis on quality over quantity. Their focus on enhancing personalization and improving product discovery across their website is designed to cater to organic lovers searching for tea, fruits and seeds for daily consumption, all the while nurturing and strengthening customer loyalty. 


By implementing personalized Product Recommendations on their home page, category page and product detail page on both desktop and mobile.

89% users completed the product recommendation flow. 

Increase in cart addition by 6%.

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Ashik Rahman
October 23, 2023
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